Friday, September 18, 2015

BLS - What Happened To Google Books?

What Happened To Google Books?

Today on the show we really dive in the new iOS update and the topic of Apple iPad Pro vs Microsoft Surface Pro. We talk about AIM, MSN and ICQ messengers vs Snapchat, Facebook Chat and Skype. I get into a persons right as business owner to refuse service and how that relates to Office Depot. We talk about John Cena and his WWE run and baby face and Google and Amazon news. We answer the question What Happened To Google Books?

Join Me Today As I Respond to Your Calls and Discuss…
  • Steven Colbert
  • Kid Clock Bomb
  • Office Depot refused to print something
  • AGT Howard Stern
  • Apple iPad Pro vs Microsoft Surface Pro
  • New iOS
  • Messaging Apps
  • John Cena
  • Microsoft sends out invitations for October 6 Windows 10 hardware blow-out
  • Microsoft buys Android lockscreen vendor Double Labs
  • Microsoft is Finally Retiring Zune, Zune Music Pass
  • Google sets September 29 event, teasing 'new treats'
  • Google might announce a new Chromecast this month
  • Microsoft comes before windows
  • Amazon Trade in program
  • Fire phone dead
  • Amazon budget tablet
  • Fire TV
  • AVG releases transparent privacy policy: Yes, we will sell your data
  • Dragon Professional Individual review: Slicker and faster
  • Windows app store
  • Amateur Radio Special Event Stations to Mark Pope’s US Visit
  • Google Is 2 Billion Lines of Code—And It’s All in One Place
  • The New York Times and The Guardian Sign On for Google and Twitter’s Instant Article Push
  • Google has hired a bunch of engineers from Amazon's Lab126 for a new wearable tech initiative called 'Project Aura'
  • what happened to google books

Friday, September 4, 2015

BLS - Rambling Joe

Rambling Joe

Today on the show we talk about rambling Joe Biden. We discuss the state of WWE and how the product is and next pay per view. We talk about Carrie Underwood music and girl faking pregnancy. We get into Google's new Wifi router and Larry Page new company Alphabet. We talk about the future of Google+ and Apple TV

Join Me Today As I Respond to Your Calls and Discuss…
  • Donald Trump Funny Quotes
  • Hillary Clinton E-mails
  • Joe Biden Rambling
  • Braves Baseball Fan Falls To Death
  • Girl Fakes Triplet Babys
  • Carrie Underwood
  • Fake Astroid
  • Windows 10
  • New iPhone
  • Messaging Is Future
  • Ashley Madison Hack
  • Hulu No Commercials
  • Ronda Rousey
  • Dudly Boyz
  • Sting
  • Summer slam
  • Cellphone plans no contract
  • Google Wifi Router
  • Google Plus Dead
  • Alphabet