Saturday, May 4, 2013

TTG - US Armed Forces Day

  • May 11th US Armed Forces Day
  • June 21 – 22 Field Day
  • Iron Man 3
  • Star Trek Trailer
  • Microsoft System Center To Prepare Your Environment For Cloud
  • Chinese Hackers Steal Info from top secret U.S military data
  • Bitcoin mining malware found in E-Sports Entertainment (ESEA) software
  • World’s most secure messaging service offers £10,000 if you crack it
  • Netflix loses 2000 titles
  • Sirius XM Channel Lineup Change
  • Google pays $31,336 bounty to hacker for reporting critical vulnerabilities in Chrome
  • The Pirate Bay co-founder charged for hacking and stealing money
  • Amazon Kindle Fire to go 10-inch
  • Spyware used by governments poses as Firefox, and Mozilla is angry
  • Google Now For The iPhone
  • Google Fiber Sparks Yet Another Gigabit Internet Service
  • YouTube users now watch 6 billion hours of videos a month
  • Netflix continues its original programming onslaught with ‘Orange is the New Black’ on July 11th
  • Check Those Check-ins: Foursquare To Start Selling Your Data
  • Barnes & Noble adds Google Play store to its tablets
  • Google adds remote desktop Hangouts to Google+
  • Blockbuster rolls out iOS app
  • Apple counting up to 50 billion App Store downloads
  • Facebook puts account security in the hands of your friends
  • Fedora 19 To Stop Masking Passwords
  • Staples Starts Selling 3-D Printer
  • Lenovo To Drop Iomega Brand On Joint EMC Products
  • Google bans Facebook and other self updating Android apps
  • How can I get my business undeleted from Google?
  • Is there a PC cleaner that will get rid of my viruses?
  • Should I buy a slingbox?
  • My favorite soap is now on hulu how can I watch it on my TV?
  • Do I need a SIM card for a Verizon phone?
  • Why does my computer shut down while playing games?
  • How do I get my iTunes music into Android?
  • How can I offline spotify?


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