Saturday, January 26, 2013

TTG - J.J. Abrams To Direct Star Wars 7

Sony fined $400k by UK authorities over data breach from 2011 PlayStation hack
Former Microsoft executive says CEO culls internal rivals to stay in power
Microsoft reports revenue of $21.5B, earnings of $6.38B
First clip of Kutcher as Jobs: A little too Kutcherian?
Facebook boosts efforts on suicide prevention
Google boasts 4 billion hours of YouTube viewing per month
Yahoo buys, a Pinterest clone for content curators
Tim Cook dances around the Apple TV question — again
Apple: Some Maps fixes out already, more this year
Netflix stuns investors with Q4 profit, adds 2.05 million subscribers
Sherlock Holmes to play Assange in WikiLeaks movie
Teacher faces firing for Facebook photo of duct-taped students
Dish said to shutter 300 U.S. Blockbuster stores
Microsoft may invest $1B-$3B in Dell buyout
Twitter experiencing intermittent connectivity issues
Why You’ll Pay For Netflix — Even If You Don’t Subscribe To Netflix
J.J. Abrams To Direct Star Wars VII
Cisco Exits the Consumer Market, Sells Linksys To Belkin
Privacy Advocates Demand Transparency From Skype
Microsoft Surface Pro Arrives Feb. 9
Mega Defends Its Security Practices
Intel Leaving Desktop Motherboard Business
Why does e-mail on my computer lock me out all time?
Anyway got dns entry with a dynamic IP for my IP Camera system at my home?
Why does my youtube buffer so much?
What is the difference between netflix and hulu?
My company wants to buy a cheap SANs what do you recommend?
How can I get Internet Explorer on my Android phone?
My daughter broke the hinge on her laptop what can I do to fix it?
How do I setup my twitter to post Facebook?
What’s better to use twitter account for pinterest or use user account?
How do I encrypt IRC traffic? What most secure chat to use?
How can I get YouTube on my Roku?
How can I do like show on youtube?
How can I access saved passwords in Firefox?

Saturday, January 19, 2013

TTG - Aaron Swartz’s Passes Away

  • Time Warner Cable, Netflix at odds over ‘Super HD,’ 3D
  • Netflix scores Cartoon Network, Adult Swim and more Time Warner content
  • Microsoft challenges poor grade for Security Essentials
  • StumbleUpon cuts 30 percent of its staff as it seeks profits
  • Aaron Swartz’s Passes Away
  • EBay sales climb 18 percent to $3.9B in fourth quarter
  • Microsoft ‘to replace Xbox Live voice chat with Skype
  • SkypeHide to Send secret messages into silence of Skype Calls
  • Lenovo enters the Chromebook market with the $429 ThinkPad X131e
  • CNET Forced to Pull Dish From CES Awards Over CBS Lawsuit
  • YouTube Is Ready to Invest in Vevo, but the Deal Isn’t Done
  • Cisco Linksys routers vulnerable to remote zero-day exploit
  • Oracle Patches Java Zero Day Vulnerability
  • Apple Ordering Less iPhone 5 Components
  • Facebook Graphic Search Revealed
  • Facebook’s Instagram continues to slide after an Internet uproar last month
  • Microsoft Silicon Valley offices raided with only iPads stole
  • IE10 for Windows 7 inches closer
  • Google Declares War on Passwords
  • What’s the best time tracking program for Mountain Lion?
  • What can I use for offsite backup iMac?
  • How should I backup my Android phone?
  • How can I make Windows 8 more like Windows 7?
  • My Windows 7 Computer keeps rebooting what can i do?
  • Can I get office on my mac?
  • Can I install wordpress on mac?
  • Is there a way to fix the screen on an old laptop?
  • I open a program then it crashes

Sunday, January 13, 2013

TTG - Sony Waterproof Walkman

  • How paste plain text Google doc?
  • How can I image my hard drives?
  • How can I fend off telemarketers and scammers?
  • Screen sharing software?
  • Do I use Skype or Facetime?
  • A wireless printer suggestion?
  • What is a good geek gift for under $100?
  • Keep getting blue screen death clicking buzzing noise what happening?
  • I have a singer sewing machine for embroidery do I need upgrade my xp computer?
  • Should I be writing an app or piece software make money?
  • What operating system does hardware like Roku, Dvr, Smart TVS use?
  • Quarter back girlfriends Twitter followers explode.
  • HBO Inks Exclusive, 10-Year Deal With Universal To Keep Content Out Of Netflix’s Hands
  • The Pirate Bay Is Down
  • Dead on Facebook: Pranksters kill accounts with fake death reports.
  • Netflix Inks Exclusive U.S. Online Rights To Warner Bros 2012-13 Drama Shows Including Revolution, The Following And The West Wing
  • Samsung unveils new smart TV and other gadgets at CES
  • Nvidia announces ‘Shield’ gaming system
  • Ubuntu Phone OS Demonstration by Mark Shuttleworth at CES 2013
  • Dropbox Releases Windows 8 Client
  • Safari turned 10 on tuesday
  • Liberal Media Owns Sirius Liberty Media (proud owners of Starz, QVC and a 48% chunk of DirecTV
  • Cheap iPhone
  • Confusion reigns over Microsoft’s Windows Messenger retirement plans
  • Sony Waterproof Walkman
  • Kingston ‘World’s First’ 1TB USB 3.0 Flash Drive
  • Nvidia’s Powerhouse Game Controller ‘Project Shield’
  • Intel’s Awesome Future Laptop

Monday, January 7, 2013

TTG - Man Gets Stolen iPhone Back

  • Man gets stolen iPhone back
  • Zero-Day Vulnerability in Symantec PGP Whole Disk Encryption
  • Red Hat patches multiple web application Vulnerabilities
  • Canonical announces Ubuntu for smartphones
  • Google, Paypal, Facebook Internal IP disclosure vulnerability
  • Internet Explorer 6, 7 and 8 vulnerable to remote code execution
  • Google Chrome blocks access to Twitpic for Malware risk
  • Samsung NX300 Mirrorless Camera
  • Windows 8
  • Google Maps Puts Apple Maps to Shame
  • Barnes and Noble Nook HD+ Review
  • Toyota Self-Driving Car
  • Apple Already Testing the New iPhone and iOS 7
  • Bluetooth Sticker Ensures You’ll Never Lose Your Keys Again
  • World’s First Eye-Tracking PC Accessory to Launch in 2013
  • iPhone 5S to Be Available in Multiple Colors and Sizes
  • Backup solution Solutions?
  • Microphone solutions?
  • Wireless keyboard and mouse solutions?
  • Book Publishing Online
  • Web Site SEO
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