Sunday, December 23, 2012

TTG - Tablets With Office

  • Tablets with office
  • Roku or Google TV
  • Android Malware
  • Dictionary Attack vs Rainbow Table Attack
  • Using SSH and Key Size
  • WordPress Platform On Server OS
  • Bitcoin mining hardware
  • Scanning On Android
  • School security 
  • Facebook new privacy settings
  • Security hole found in Samsung devices
  • Julian Assange and WikiLeaks to release over a million new docs in 2013
  • Instagram’s privacy policy’s
  • Flickr offers three months of Pro service for free
  • IE bug let’s hackers track mouse moves
  • GhostShell claims breach of 1.6M accounts at NASA, the FBI, the Pentagon, and Interpol
  • Pokki Windows 8 Start menu
  • RIM’s stock and New Company Direction
  • Hulu for Sale and Company Direction
  • iOS 6.0.2 is draining our battery life 
  • Spotify and Vevo on Roku

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

TTG - Packetfence Install Step-By-Step

  • Packetfence Install Guide
  • Browser Encryption
  • Microsoft Security Bulletins for December 2012
  • Zero Day Hole In Samsung Smart TV
  • Facebook Helps FBI Shutdown Botnet
  • Cisco voip Phone Vulnerability
  • Internet Explorer Flaw Allows Track Mouse Movement
  • Hotmail and Outlook Cookie Handling Vulnerability allow account Hijacking
  • Talking Surveillance Cameras

Saturday, December 8, 2012

TTG - John Mcafee Situation

  • iPhone Instagram users vulnerable to hackers
  • John Mcafee Situation
  • Apple’s US Manufacturing Move
  • SEC Investigates Netflix CEO Reed Hastings Over Facebook Posting
  • Google Axes Free Google Apps For Businesses
  • Microsoft Surface Struggles to Ship A Million Units
  • Disney Using Netflix For Exclusive Film Distribution
  • Microsoft Raising Enterprise Licensing Fees
  • Windows XP Drops Below 40% Market Share While Windows 8 Passes 1%
  • Facebook and Zynga Move Apart
  • Access Control System
  • Google Uses Two Factor Authentication
  • AT&T releases Jelly Bean for Galaxy S III
  • Tumblr in Media
  • 4Chan Post Predicts Doomsday
  • Dell Ubuntu Ultrabook on Sale
  • Apple’s new iMac
  • Apple Maps Manager Fired
  • Keepass to keep your password encrypted on your hard drive.
  • Keep programs like Java, Flash, Abobe Acrobat up to date use a software called Personal Software Inspector
  • Using an e-mail system or banking system with two form factor authentication like G-mail.